Paulo Brignardello

Paulo Brignardello

Business Development Professional

Paulo Brignardello

Business Development Consultant

Paulo Brignardello is an enthusiastic, adaptable, and result-oriented leader, with 20+ years of experience leading high-performance teams in fast paced and demanding ambients.

Passionate about drive companies’ challenges, engage stakeholders, and a true believer in talent growth and teamwork.

A balanced mix between strategic thinking, business operations & development, and hands-on approach.

Former global GM and senior roles in several leading mining&food, trading, and investment companies.

Paulo Brignardello


Paulo Brignardello will build and deploy


Business Development

Investment / Capital Needs


There’s no ”Next day results “ without a plan !"

Paulo Brignardello believes that companies must grow with a conceived business plan that deploys financial, operation, and market challenges. That is because great results don’t come overnight: it takes time and effort to bring in the results and also skill and experience.

Paulo Brignardello
Paulo Brignardello

Paulo Brignardello’s 5 Reasons to do Business Delevopment Consulting

1: Expertise: Business  development consultants have extensive knowledge and
experience in various aspects of business, including sales, marketing, operations,
and finance. They can provide valuable insights and strategies to help you grow
your business, identify new opportunities, and optimize your operations.

2: Objective perspective:  An outside perspective can be invaluable when it comes to
identifying areas for improvement and growth. A business development consultant
can provide an unbiased perspective and help you identify blind spots or areas that
you may not have considered.

3: Time-saving: As a business owner or executive, your time is precious. By
outsourcing your business development efforts to a consultant, you can free up
time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

4: Flexibility: Business development consultants can be engaged on a project-by-
project basis, which allows for greater flexibility than hiring a full-time employee.
This means you can bring in a consultant to work on specific projects or initiatives,
without the commitment of a long-term employee.

5:ROI: Ultimately, investing in a business development consultant should yield a
positive return on investment. By working with a consultant to identify new
opportunities, optimize your operations, and grow your business, you should see
an increase in revenue and profitability

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